Common Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Sep 3, 2020
Medical Practices


Welcome to Butterfield Oxygen & Medical Equipment, your trusted source for high-quality remote patient monitoring devices. In this article, we will explore the commonly used remote patient monitoring devices that enable individuals to conveniently monitor their health from the comfort of their own homes.

Why Choose Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring has revolutionized healthcare by allowing patients to monitor their health conditions without frequent visits to a healthcare facility. With the advancements in technology, these devices are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and accuracy.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors are essential devices for individuals with hypertension or other cardiovascular conditions. These monitors are designed to accurately measure blood pressure levels and provide valuable data for better management of these conditions. With our range of blood pressure monitors, you can track your blood pressure readings regularly and share them with your healthcare provider for timely interventions.

Glucose Meters

For individuals with diabetes, monitoring blood glucose levels is crucial in managing their condition effectively. Our selection of glucose meters provides accurate and rapid measurement of blood sugar levels. With features such as memory storage and data synchronization, you can easily track your glucose levels over time and make informed decisions about your diet and medication.

Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters are portable devices that measure oxygen saturation in the blood. They also provide heart rate readings, making them useful for individuals with respiratory conditions, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Our range of pulse oximeters delivers accurate readings, allowing you to monitor your oxygen levels and heart rate with ease.

Temperature Monitors

Temperature monitors are essential tools for monitoring body temperature, especially during times of illness or infection. Our digital thermometers offer precise readings and are suitable for all age groups. With features like fever alarms and memory functions, you can monitor changes in temperature and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Weight Scales

Weight scales are valuable devices for individuals who are conscious about their weight management or are undergoing medical treatment requiring regular weight monitoring. Our digital weight scales provide accurate weight measurements, along with additional features like body mass index (BMI) calculation and memory storage. Keep track of your weight fluctuations and progress on your health journey.


At Butterfield Oxygen & Medical Equipment, we offer a wide range of common remote patient monitoring devices that empower individuals to take charge of their health. With the convenience and accuracy of these devices, you can monitor vital health parameters and share data with your healthcare provider for better care management. Choose our reliable remote patient monitoring devices to enhance your healthcare experience.

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