DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap

Aug 16, 2022
Injury and Recovery


Welcome to Butterfield Oxygen & Medical Equipment, your trusted provider of top-quality medical equipment and supplies. We are delighted to present the innovative DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap, a cutting-edge solution that offers targeted pain relief and supports effective healing for hip injuries.

The Benefits of the DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap

When it comes to hip injuries, finding the right solution for pain management and healing is crucial. The DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap stands out as an exceptional option, thanks to its numerous benefits:

  • Targeted Pain Relief: The wrap is designed to apply compression and cryotherapy therapy specifically to the hip area, providing localized pain relief.
  • Promotes Healing: The combination of compression and cryotherapy not only helps reduce pain but also supports the healing process, facilitating quicker recovery.
  • Increased Mobility: By providing stability and support, the hip wrap enables users to maintain an active lifestyle during the healing process.
  • Adjustable Compression: The wrap allows for customized compression levels, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.
  • Comfortable Design: Made from breathable and lightweight materials, the hip wrap guarantees a comfortable fit without sacrificing functionality.
  • Easy to Use: With simple instructions and an intuitive design, the DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap is user-friendly and hassle-free.
  • High-Quality Build: Manufactured with top-grade materials and meticulous attention to detail, this hip wrap is built to last.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various hip injuries, such as strains, sprains, bursitis, or post-surgery recovery.

How the DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap Works

The DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap combines two effective therapeutic approaches in one convenient product. Let's take a closer look at how it works:

Cryotherapy Therapy

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, involves the application of cold temperatures to the affected area of the body. The DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap incorporates specially designed gel packs that can be frozen, allowing for targeted cold therapy. When applied to the hip area, the cold temperature helps reduce inflammation, numb local nerves, and alleviate pain.

Air Compression Therapy

Air compression therapy involves the use of pneumatic pressure to promote circulation, reduce swelling, and relieve pain. The DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap features adjustable air chambers that can be inflated to apply gentle pressure to the hip area. The compression helps stimulate blood flow, enhances lymphatic drainage, and accelerates the body's natural healing process.

Choosing the Right Size

Ensuring the proper fit is crucial for optimal results and comfort. The DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap comes in multiple sizes, allowing you to find the one that suits you best. To determine your size, measure the circumference of your hip at its widest point. Refer to our size chart to select the appropriate size for your needs.

Usage Instructions

Using the DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap is simple and straightforward. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Apply the frozen gel packs to the designated pockets on the wrap.
  2. Wrap the product around your hip, ensuring it fits snugly but comfortably.
  3. Inflate the air chambers using the integrated pump until you achieve the desired compression level.
  4. Secure the wrap with the adjustable straps, ensuring a secure and supportive fit.
  5. Enjoy the targeted cryotherapy and compression therapy, allowing your body to heal and recover.


Discover the remarkable benefits of the DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap. Designed to provide targeted pain relief, support healing, and enhance mobility, this advanced product is an invaluable tool in your recovery process. Don't let hip injuries hold you back - choose the DMEforLess Cryotherapy & Air Compression Hip Wrap for effective relief and expedited healing.

At Butterfield Oxygen & Medical Equipment, we are committed to offering the best medical equipment and supplies to meet your needs. Explore our range of innovative products and experience the difference quality makes.

Dimitris Oikonomou
I'll have to research more about the science behind cryotherapy and air compression for pain relief.
Sep 9, 2023